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Building Capacity in the Voluntary Sector
Resources from the Capacity Joint Table - September 2003

Voluntary Sector Initiative

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As one of seven Government of Canada – voluntary sector joint tables established under the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI), the Capacity Joint Table (CJT) worked on three main capacity issues: Human Resources, Research and Information Sharing, and Policy Participation. The Table also supported some of the projects of the Working Group on Financing, a sector-only working group of the VSI.
Developing leaders and managing staff Participating in policy development

Developing Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector (HRVS) provides practical human resources tools and information related to paid employees in the sector. The HRVS Web site includes information on human resources management issues, strategies, policies and procedures and offers ideas for enhancing capacity to manage human resources in small organizations. (

The National Learning Initiative for the Voluntary Sector (NLI) examines the skills and competencies that sector leaders require and the means to attain them. Resources include A National Skills and Learning Framework for the Voluntary Sector and What Do Voluntary Sector Leaders Do? (

Policy Internships and Fellowships: Bridging the Policy Dialogue Between Voluntary Organizations and the Federal Government describes the exchange experiences of nine interns and fellows, and the policy issues, research, tools and best practices they discovered. ( and

Participating in Federal Public Policy: A Guide for the Voluntary Sector provides ideas to improve the participation of voluntary organizations in the federal public policy process. (

Understanding the voluntary sector Towards better financing

The Capacity to Serve: A Qualitative Study of the Challenges Facing Canada's Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations is based on a nation-wide series of consultations to learn about the challenges facing nonprofit and voluntary organizations and the unique strengths and capacities they possess. (

In 2004, the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations (NSNVO) will provide comprehensive baseline information about the size, scope, activities, and capacity needs of the sector. (

The Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project situates Canada in an international report comparing the nonprofit sector in 40 countries; the report will be available in 2004. (

Analysis of the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering, and Participating (NSGVP) provides data on donations to voluntary organizations, volunteering, attitudes, and barriers to participation. Results are presented in fact sheets, reports, and manuals for managers of nonprofit and voluntary organizations. (

The following resources, funded by the Capacity Joint Table, were commissioned by the VSI Working Group on Financing:

Funding Matters: The Impact of Canada’s New Funding Regime on Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations documents the changing funding landscape in Canada and assesses the impact of these changes on the financial capacity and long-term sustainability of nonprofit and voluntary organizations. (

Resources for Accountability and Financial Management in the Voluntary Sector is aimed at mid-sized organizations, providing resources for effective practices. (

Inventory of Effective Practices in Financing and Resourcing of Voluntary Sector Organizations in Canada presents case studies from across the country showing effective financing and resourcing practices. (

The CJT projects are funded by the Government of Canada through the Voluntary Sector Initiative. For more information, visit the VSI Web site at or contact the Capacity Joint Table Secretariat via fax at 819-997-2056.


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