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Record of decisions

April 25, 2001

Agenda Items

1. Approval of Minutes

Approved without changes.

2. Treasury Board Policy on Volunteers

Jérôme Moisan updated Table members on this issue. Two options are presently being examined. The first option would see the volunteer members added to Parks Canada's insurance policy. The second option would see the Joint Awareness Table purchase its own insurance policy for its volunteers.

3. Marketing and Communications Information Session

Leslie MacLean updated Table members on this issue. The Canada Information Office, the Voluntary Sector Task Force and the Joint Awareness Table Secretariat are to continue preparing for the session.

4. The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy 7th Annual Symposium

A roundtable discussion was conducted. Members commented on their overall impressions of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy 7th Annual Symposium.

The comments have been recorded and necessary changes to the Table's workplan will be made in the upcoming weeks.

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy is expected to table a final report on the symposium on or before May 31st 2001.

5. May-June Consultations

Ann Dostaler submitted a questionnaire to Table members for their comments. The questionnaire will be distributed to participants during the consultations hosted by the Joint Accord Table in June.

The questionnaire will be posted on the Voluntary Sector Initiative Web Site where Joint Awareness Table members will be able to review the document and post comments.

The address of the site is The Joint Awareness Table Secretariat will insure that all members have proper access to the site.

6. Other Business


Jamey Burr, Helen Friel, Louise Gagné, Martyn Goodger, Suzanne Lawson and Murry Krause have expressed an interest in attending the 2001 CIVICUS World Assembly. In the upcoming weeks, the Joint Awareness Table Secretariat will be contacting those interested in order to make travel arrangements.


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