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Voluntary Sector Initiative Awareness Table Consultations

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Question 1: What words would you use to describe the voluntary sector? What message do you want the awareness campaign to communicate?

Calgary, AB

  • We give voice and provide a place for people to get engaged.
  • We provide a whole range of services that government cannot.
  • Key three-pronged message:
    • Define the sector, so we know how broad and extensive it is.
    • Generate pride in the sector.
    • Promote, work, link and build together to achieve synergies.

Charlottetown, PE

  • The sector is caring and giving. It works for the betterment of everyone involved.
  • The sector is the foundation of our communities. It answers needs at the individual and community levels and provides services that no one else does.
  • The sector contributes to economic wealth by creating jobs, using services, etc.
  • Key message: The sector involves dedicated, creative and resourceful staff and volunteers who believe in what they do, offer a wide range of skills and undertake many tasks.
  • Key message: The sector undertakes innovative research and programs. It responds to needs faster and is more open to risks than the other sectors.

Halifax, NS

  • The sector is diverse, resourceful, responsible, professional, strong, creative, approachable, dedicated and dynamic. It touches on every aspect of life and has impact on all social groups.
  • The sector contributes to healthy and cohesive communities at all levels.
  • The sector contributes to economic wealth in a significant way: job creation, dollar value, etc.
  • Ask the question: "What would happen without the sector?"
  • Key Message: The sector is the expression of our freedom to organize and mobilize as groups of citizens around a common cause. The sector has played a very positive role as a pioneer in policy development. It is directly linked to a strong democracy and a cohesive civil society.

Montréal, QC (French)

  • The sector means mutual help, support, solidarity and sharing. Those giving and receiving services increase their self-esteem and rejuvenate themselves. The sector has a place for everyone.
  • The sector is innovative, resourceful and creative. It breaks down barriers.
  • The sector has an important economic impact.
  • Key message: Investing in the sector is a sure, stable and winning investment at all levels.
  • Key message: The sector contributes to enhanced social justice and a more collective approach to society and community. The sector is an agent of social action and change by being involved in social movements and by serving as an example to the rest of society.

Montreal, QC (English)

  • We are grassroots, dynamic, committed, visionary, compassionate, innovative and peaceful.
  • Every day we benefit in some way by the work of the voluntary sector, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Investing in the voluntary sector is good social and business practice.
  • Working in the sector is a heck of a lot of fun.
  • Key message: We are community life at its best, and democracy in practice. We are the basis of society, breaking new ground and answering existing needs. Social responsibility is central to our work.

Saint John, NB

  • The sector is one of the three pillars of society.
  • The sector contributes to economic wealth in a significant way.
  • The sector is fundamental to our lives and is effective and resourceful, for all of us. It works as a values "safety net" for the community and the country.
  • Key message: "What would happen without the sector?" There would be a huge negative impact on our quality of life.
  • Key message: Paid staff in the sector are highly effective, skilled and professional. They run organizations, manage volunteers and mobilize communities. They face new and bigger challenges in a changing society.

Saskatoon, SK

  • We are the glue and the building block, and everyone benefits from our work for the common good.
  • Don't recreate wheel but build, enhance and clarify what we have.
  • Message should be positive, inspiring and create pride in our sector.
  • Key message: We should be able to attract the cream of the crop, from both the private sector and from government.
  • Key messages: "Are you up to the challenge?" or, for youth: "You be one Canadian" [from Obi Wan Kenobi; meaning contributing to the voluntary sector is fundamental to being a Canadian].

St. John's, NF

  • The sector is diverse, deep and widespread. It is also powerful, resourceful and cost effective.
  • The sector is the soul of Canada. It builds the nation and helps to define us as a country.
  • Ask the question: "What if the sector did not exist?" Our communities would be desolate.
  • The sector contributes to economic wealth in a significant way: job creation, dollar value, etc.
  • Key message: The sector is giving, sharing, love in action. It enriches lives and promotes health and the quality of life of individuals and communities. It responds to very diverse community needs. It is the glue or the core of the community.

Toronto, ON

  • Volunteerism and the voluntary sector are descriptive of democracy.
  • Messages need to highlight our passion and values of justice, the fundamental equality of humankind, loving and caring, and the commitment to a better society, etc.
  • Key message: We are huge force in the Canadian landscape, a huge sector that contributes immeasurably to this country and its well-being.
  • Key Message: We are good value / the voluntary sector is important, valuable and effective.
  • Key message: The voluntary sector/civil society strengthens communities economically and socially.

Winnipeg, MB

  • Use visual impact to show what voluntary sector is and the importance of the sector to society; focus on "WOW" as opposed to "nice."
  • Use visual image of holes to show what would happen.
  • Use tag lines like: "The day the volunteers went home" or "Imagine if … but it will never happen because we will always be here."
  • Have to be careful if using negative ads, so start off negative/black and white, and then inject positive/colour/the sector.
  • Key message: "What would happen without the sector?"

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