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Task Force on Community Investments
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is a Task Force needed?

A: Since the federal government and the voluntary sector began implementing the Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector and the Code of Good Practice on Funding, it has become evident that there is a definite need to improve the financial mechanisms used by the federal government to support needed work in communities. A Task Force will provide the concentrated focus required to carry out the necessary research and recommend future action.

Q: What are the major areas of work that the Task Force will tackle?

A: The Task Force will examine how the financial management policies of the government are being used by departments, and will recommend approaches which ensure they are used to the fullest extent to achieve consistency with the Code of Good Practice on Funding – the major tool created by the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada to improve their funding relationship.

As well, the Task Force will develop recommendations on new policy directions to facilitate federal investments in multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder social initiatives in communities across Canada.

Q: Will the Task Force be responsible for supporting and monitoring the
work being done by federal departments to implement the Code of Good Practice on Funding?

A: The work of the Task Force will be guided by principles and values of the Accord and will be informed by the intent of the Code of Good Practice on Funding. However, the application of the spirit of the Accord and the letter of the Code remains the responsibility of individual departments.

Q: What will be the result of the Task Force work?

A: It is expected to lead to more consistent and coherent funding practices across the federal government, and a seamless approach to supporting federal investments in communities.

Q: How will the work of the Task Force benefit Canadians?

A: Removing existing barriers and making it easier for departments to work together and with the voluntary sector will benefit Canadians by ensuring a coherent response to the needs in the communities where they live.

Q: Is there a role for the voluntary sector in this work?

A: Yes. While the Task Force is a federal activity, the engagement of the voluntary sector will be critical to its success. For this reason, an Advisory Group of individuals from the voluntary sector will inform the work of the Task Force, and two of four analyst positions on the Task Force will be filled by individuals from the voluntary sector.

Q: As the Task Force will be situated in one department, how will other federal organizations be involved in its work?

A: As the federal government interlocutor with the non-profit and voluntary sector, Social Development Canada is the appropriate department to house the Task Force. To ensure broad participation across government, the Task Force will be guided by an Interdepartmental Steering Committee of senior officials from central agencies and departments with major voluntary sector funding interests.

Q: Will the Task Force address the issue of increasing federal funding to the voluntary sector or provide funding to voluntary organizations?

A: No. The Task Force is not mandated to address funding levels, nor is it a funding vehicle. Rather, its work is intended to improve the administration of current and future federal funding mechanisms.

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