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Capacity Joint Table

The Capacity Joint Table (CJT) was established to improve understanding of the challenges facing the sector and to develop ways of strengthening the sector’s ability to meet the demands placed on it by Canadian society. The Table’s first meeting was held in October 2000; members represented federal government departments and voluntary organizations.

The Table’s work focused on three main capacity issues:

  • skills development and recruitment (human resources);
  • research and information sharing; and
  • policy capacity.
The Table also partnered on a number of activities with the sector-only Working on Financing, which explored sector financial capacity issues. The CJT Secretariat in Human Resources Development Canada supported the work of the Table.

The CJT carried out its work largely through committees, which then reported back to the Table. The Human Resources Committee was tasked by the CJT to determine how best to use the CJT dollars allocated to paid human resources in the voluntary sector. The Committee’s work ended with the completion of Phase I of the VSI.

The Table’s mandates ended in October 2002, with the completion of Phase I of the VSI. A smaller CJT Advisory Committee was struck, with a mandate to provide ongoing coordination and leadership to the CJT work until the end of the VSI in 2005. This includes ensuring that the CJT projects are linked to each other and to broader VSI activities. The CJT Secretariat in Human Resources Development Canada continues to support the work of the Advisory Committee.

Two projects were funded as a result of the Human Resources Committee’s work:


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