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Archived Requests for Funding Opportunities

RFO for the "Funding Access Project (FAP)"

Q1: How much money is allocated for the "Funding Access Project (FAP)"?
A1: The IM/IT has set aside approximately $1 million for this project.

Q2: What is the timetable for the "Funding Access Project (FAP)" - How long will the funding last?
A2: The IM/IT Secretariat is hoping to have the contribution agreement in place by October 2003 at the latest. The "Funding Access Project (FAP)" should be up by May 2004 and be fully operational by January/February 2005 at which time funding will end.

Q3:May any member of the IM/IT Joint Table or IM/IT Advisory Group participate in any application review if they are currently employed or closely associated with any applicants requesting funding?
A3: No. The IM/IT Joint Table ended in the fall 2002. Any member of the IM/IT Advisory Group closely associated with any applicants requesting funding is not permitted to participate in the review process of this particular RFO.

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