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Fact sheet: Access To IT Planning, Hardware And Software, Training And Technical Support


This element of the IM/IT Joint Table strategy will help voluntary organizations introduce, acquire and expand on the technology they need, and integrate it effectively and sustainably into their operations.

These activities include:

  • planning and budgeting for the introduction and maintenance of new technology;
  • acquiring and upgrading of technology;
  • training of management, staff and boards; and
  • technical support.

This recommendation works in conjunction with community-based information and communications technology networks across the country. It also builds on existing infrastructure that the federal government, provincial governments and voluntary organizations have put in place through programs such as VolNet and the Community Access Program, and other governmental initiatives related to technology and the voluntary sector.

Work of the IM/IT Joint Table

The IM/IT Joint Table proceeded in its work through:

  • research of current community technology networks, best practices and possible "virtual technology store" designs;
  • study of past and current programs such as VolNet, Community Access Program and the Student Connection Program on which initiatives can be built or based;
  • inquiry into procurement arrangements with existing major suppliers like Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq; and
  • exploration into working with Canada Volunteerism Initiative to implement strategies.
Expected Benefits of the Recommendation

By providing access to IT planning, hardware and software, training and technical support, this recommendation maximizes the effectiveness of IM/IT investment and moves sector organizations closer to matching private and public sector technology use.

For more information, contact the IM/IT Secretariat at (613) 990-7233 or e-mail:

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