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Fact sheet: Mandate and Activities


The Government of Canada and the voluntary sector launched the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) in the summer of 2000 with the goal of serving Canadians better by strengthening the voluntary sector's capacity. One way to achieve this goal is to help the voluntary sector make more effective and efficient use of information technology. The Information Technology/Information Management (IM/IT) Joint Table was established to meet this challenge.

Work of the IM/IT Joint Table

The IM/IT Joint Table was comprised of representatives from the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada. The Joint Table examined previous studies and reports on the needs of the sector, as well as conducted its own needs analysis study in 2001. It also set up working groups to examine issues and solutions. These research findings and recommendations were released in February 2003.

The IM/IT Joint Table strategy involves five main recommendations:

  • Campaign targeting funders: Encouraging funding agencies to change their policies and procedures to permit IM/IT investments.
  • Access to IT planning, hardware and software, training and technical support: Giving sector organizations ongoing access, at the lowest possible price, to IT planning, expert advice, current hardware and software, training and technical support.
  • Voluntary sector portal: An on-line location to link voluntary sector related information and provide a meeting place for exchanging and sharing.
  • Funding exchange: A web-based interactive funding service for both funding agencies and organizations seeking funding.
  • Technology awareness campaign: A campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of adopting and using technology effectively.
Expected Benefits of the Strategy

The strategy is designed to help voluntary organizations use technology to develop more effective ways for carrying out activities essential to their mission. It also supports the sector as a whole to develop a greater capacity to play its role as one of the pillars of Canadian society alongside the public and private sectors.

For more information, contact the IM/IT Secretariat at (613) 990-7233 or e-mail:


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