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Fact sheet: Voluntary Sector Portal


Voluntary sector organizations devote considerable time and resources in the search for information and funding to serve their clients. Although many sites relating to the voluntary sector exist, no one site contains a comprehensive, up-to-date, nation-wide and interactive service to the sector. The development of a portal for the voluntary sector would provide a strategic information and communications technology resource.

A one-stop shopping site would provide non-profit organizations, as well as funding agencies and other interested parties, with a single point of entry (or portal) on the Internet to access multiple sources and types of information and services.

Work of the IM/IT Joint Table

The work of the Table included:

  • research and surveys of voluntary sector organizations to clearly identify sector needs;
  • study of other models including the portal in use in Scotland for design, implementation and governance information; and
  • review of current Canadian voluntary sector portals.
Expected Benefits of the Recommendation

The proposed voluntary sector portal would provide such Web-based services as a virtual technology store, on-line tools, a funding exchange, best practices, a training network and links to other organizations.

By facilitating networking and advocacy, the portal would help to strengthen the voluntary sector's capacity to meet mandates and goals.

For more information, contact the IM/IT Secretariat at (613) 990-7233 or e-mail:

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Last Updated: 2019-08-21