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Background: The IM/IT Joint Table

The Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) Joint Table was established during the summer of 2000. Its mandate was to investigate and respond to the technology needs of the voluntary sector.

The Joint Table examined previous studies and reports on the needs of the sector, as well as conducted its own needs analysis study in 2001. It also set up working groups to examine issues and solutions.

In the fall of 2002, the IM/IT Joint Table completed its work on identifying ways of building the capacity of the voluntary sector through the application of IM/IT. It released its final report, Strengthening Voluntary Sector Capacity Through Technology, in February 2003. This report includes research findings and a five-component strategy:

  • Campaign focussed on funders
  • Access to IT planning, hardware and software, training and technical support
  • Voluntary sector portal
  • Funding exchange
  • Technology awareness campaign

This completed the work of the Joint Table. The IM/IT Secretariat at Industry Canada was then responsible for addressing the Table's recommendations.

The Secretariat worked with both the voluntary sector and the various components of the Voluntary Sector Initiative to address the report's recommendations. An advisory group assisted the Secretariat in its efforts.


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