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Terms of Reference

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IM/IT Joint Table Terms of Reference


The voluntary sector can:

  • demonstrate leadership in using information and communications technology (ICT) strategically and operationally;
  • Manage information as efficiently and effectively as other sectors of the Canadian economy
To achieve the vision, as part of the VSI, the IM/IT Joint Table will develop and implement initiatives to help strengthen voluntary organizations with the knowledge and technological capacity they need to achieve their specific missions and mandates.

Specifically, it will oversee the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a program to fund sector initiatives that meet these criteria, within the limits of the budget by:

  • defining and validate the current and forecast needs of the voluntary sector for information and communications technology (ICT) management expertise, in consultation with the sector;
  • defining the obstacles to meeting these needs;
  • ensuring that the needs and obstacles identified account for the perspectives of the voluntary sector as a whole, including considerations such as accessibility, language, location, size and culture;
  • defining criteria for access to the contribution funds budgeted for the IM/IT initiative;
  • ensuring that the $10 M/five year budget for the IM/IT initiative is managed effectively and in accordance with federal government accountability requirements;
  • reporting progress regularly and advise the government and the voluntary sector through the Joint Coordinating Committee and other mechanisms, as appropriate

Relationship between the IM/IT Joint Table and the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC)
The IM/IT Joint Table will report progress regularly to the JCC for coordination purposes. The Table will also seek advice from the JCC on horizontal issues such as the timing, process and scope of other initiatives, with a view to avoiding duplication, ensuring consistency and appropriate links to the work of other Tables.

Advice may be sought from the JCC on issues such as the relationship among initiatives, gaps and overlaps, resolution of implementation issues, coordination of consultations and communications, timing and progress of implementation, and preparation of progress reports.

Membership and Governance
Following the model established in the Joint Tables Process, the IM/IT Joint Table will be composed of an equal number of government officials and sector leaders, and will be co-chaired by a representative of each.

1.  Membership
The voluntary sector and the federal government will each have seven representatives. Government members will be senior officials, generally at the Director General, Deputy Director General or Executive Director level. Sector representatives will be at the Executive Director or Director level. There will be no alternate members.

2.  Selection of Voluntary Sector Members
Members from the voluntary sector will be chosen by the procedure used for the JCC and all other Joint Tables.

3.  Selection of Federal Government Members
Nominations proposed by Industry Canada will be submitted to the ADM Steering Committee for approval.

4.  Chair
The Table will be co-chaired by Industry Canada and one of the designated sector representatives.

5.  Ex officio and special invitees
The following will be ex officio members and may be represented by alternates:
  • Chair of the Advisory Committee on Assistive Devices (ACAD)
  • Chair of the VolNet National Advisory Committee (VNAC)
  • Executive Director of the Voluntary Sector Task Force
  • Executive Director of the Voluntary Sector Initiative Secretariat

The IM/IT Joint Table may invite other individuals to sit ex officio because of their knowledge of IM/IT or the voluntary sector or because they represent other existing consultative bodies. The Joint Table may also, from time to time, invite IM/IT specialists or voluntary sector representatives to attend meetings and/or make presentations. Decisions on ex officio members and special invitees will be approved at IM/IT Joint Table meetings.

Government representatives will represent the federal government as a whole. They will be accountable for their participation on the Joint Table through their normal reporting systems and will seek the guidance of the ADM Steering Committee in carrying out their work.

Voluntary sector representatives will represent the voluntary sector as a whole. They will be accountable to the voluntary sector in a manner to be determined by the sector.

Members will be accountable for ensuring that they support each other in fulfilling the mandate of the Joint Table.

Time frame
The IM/IT Joint Table will determine the length of time required to complete its work. It is anticipated that the Table will be in place for at least three years.

The IM/IT Joint Table will meet at a frequency to be determined by the co-chairs, using face-to-face meetings, conference calls and/or electronic correspondence. Meetings are likely to take place approximately every 6 weeks.

Representatives of the VSTF and the Secretariat to the VSI will attend meetings to advise and provide support on issues referred by Table members. This is consistent with the mandates of the VSTF and VSI Secretariat.

Four members from each of the sector and the federal government, excluding ex officio members, will constitute a quorum. Meetings may be held without a quorum, but decisions must be ratified by a quorum.

Members will treat interpersonal communications of the Joint Table as confidential unless a decision is made otherwise.

Language of business
The Joint Table will conduct its internal business in English. External communications will be in both official languages.

The Joint Table will ensure that the location of meetings of the Joint Table is accessible, i.e. by wheelchair and other assistive devices.

The Joint Table will ensure that its internal and external communications are accessible, i.e. plain language and in a manner suited to the needs of all participants.

Public Communications
Members represent the Joint Table as a whole when speaking publicly on Joint Table business. They will therefore inform the Co-chairs and other members if and when they speak publicly on this subject.

Secretariat and Funding
Industry Canada will:

  1. support the Joint Table in developing and implementing the IM/IT initiative;
  2. provide a secretariat for the IM/IT Joint Table, organizing and paying for meetings; and
  3. pay eligible travel and out-of-pocket expenses for voluntary sector members for attendance at IM/IT Joint Table meetings, in accordance with Treasury Board guidelines.

Review of Terms of Reference
The Joint Table will review its Terms of Reference after one year and revise them as required.



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