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Capacity Joint Table Meeting

May 31, 2001



Sol Kasimer, CEO, YMCA Canada
Liz Rootham, Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)


Chantale Blais, Centre d'Action Bénévole de Sept-Îles Inc
Roger Boe, Solicitor General Canada
Jackie Claxton, Status of Women Canada (Tuesday)
Adriana Davies, Heritage Community Foundation
Joan Katz, Heritage Canada
Mary-Jane Lipkin, Health Canada
James Page, Treasury Board Secretariat
Barry Schmidl, Prince Edward Island Council of the Disabled
Guy Tanguay, Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Cathy Wright, Saint John Development Council

Ex-Officio Members

Michael Hall, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, NSGVP
Susan Lewis, United Way of Winnipeg
John Walker, Voluntary Sector Project Office - TBS


Barry McKillop, Voluntary Sector Task Force


David Brook, Public Policy Forum
Timna Gorber, Health Canada
Karen Jackson, CPRN
Chris Johnston, Statistics Canada
Marcel Lauzière, Canadian Council of Social Development
Robert Lussier, Statistics Canada
Grant Schellenberg, CPRN
Paul Tomlinson, Strachan Tomlinson
Monica Weise, Statistics Canada


Roberta Bustard, HRDC
Hélène Buteau, HRDC
Brenda E. CameronCouch, Voluntary Sector Initiative Secretariat
Raphael Ogom, HRDC
Debbie Pike, Voluntary Sector Initiative Secretariat
Francine Varin, HRDC


Paddy Bowen, Volunteer Canada
Susan Carter, Voluntary Sector Initiative Secretariat
Kernaghan Webb for Maryanne Murphy, Industry Canada
Bill Tholl, Heart and Stroke Foundation
Karen Wilson, Statistics Canada
Sange De Silva, Statistics Canada, NSGVP

Members reviewed the record of discussion of the April 2-3, 2001 meeting and accepted it with minor modifications.

1. Debrief of All Tables Meetings (May 29-31, 2001)

Members discussed their participation at the meeting and raised concerns re ease of understanding of language, quality of French translation and timeliness of information provided (e.g. draft Accord). Asked co-chairs to raise with JCC.

2. Voluntary Sector Initiative Updates

  • NSGVP Survey - Highlight report to be released at the Forum for Volunteerism on August 17th. 50, 000 copies of the summary document to be produced and distributed to voluntary sector organizations.

  • Federal/Provincial Meeting - 2nd meeting organized by PCO. Discussion of common research agenda. Receptivity to work of Federal Funding Study. CJT needs to think how to involve provinces/territories in work in the future.

  • Meeting of Reference Group of Ministers - Voluntary sector leaders raised in their meeting with Ministers three areas not currently addressed by VSI: advocacy, access to tax benefit system and financing the sector. Over the summer, further thought will be given to how these can be addressed jointly.

  • Meeting of Assistant Deputy Ministers - Discussed two areas: progress of funding of the sector and improvements to SIDPD project intake.

3. Conflict of Interest/Ethical/Spending Guidelines

The final version of the Ethical Principles and Guidelines recommended by the Senior Steering Group for Voluntary Sector Members of Joint Tables and Working Groups of the VSI was presented. Members accepted the guidelines with slight change to the wording of accountability for decisions, in the Statement of Ethical Guidelines.

4. Policy Internships and Academic Fellowships

A status update of Phase I: Information Gathering and Action Plan of Policy Internships/Exchanges and Academic Fellowships (PIAF) was presented. Roundtable discussion is scheduled for June 21, 2001 with expert representatives.

Members indicated the need to broaden the list of invitees to the June 21st Roundtable to include representatives from arts and culture, the faith community and the environment, etc. They also asked that project objectives be more clearly defined and fellowships included more strongly in the work being done. They further discussed strategies, models and assignments (e.g. Humanities and Social Services Federation, Policy Research Institute, Muttart Foundation) to nurture voluntary sector assignments or specialisation in post-secondary institutions and next steps in scoping the work for Phases I & II.

5. Profiling the Sector

Proposed Approach

Discussion document entitled Profiling the Sector - Phase I was presented. Members agreed to the general approach and sought clarifications on the definition, proposed methodology and the master list.

The need to link with other pieces of work both within and outside the VSI and the importance of a marketing/ communication strategy to effectively inform and promote the work being done during Phase I were highlighted. The importance of working closely with the Awareness Table and collaborate with provinces was noted.

Options for Management Models

The Table considered three options for management and implementation of Profiling the Sector. Marcel Lauzière, Canadian Council for Social Development and Michael Hall, Canadian Centre for Philantrophy declared conflict of interest and removed themselves from the discussion and decision-making.

Consensus was reached on Option 2 - A Consortium of Organizations to manage and implement Profiling the Sector. In collaboration with the research steering committee, the secretariat will draft and issue a request for proposal for formation of such a consortium as soon as possible.

6. Skills Development and Recruitment

A proposed framework to address skills development and recruitment was presented. Members wanted more information about short-term outputs and costs proposed. They asked that the work to be broadened to human resources planning and management and linked to the work of the NVI and Awareness Tables.

Members approved the secretariat moving forward on implementation of short-term initiatives. A steering committee was formed and includes the following membership: James Page, Guy Tanguay and Brenda CameronCouch. Cathy Wright also indicated an interest in participating in the work of the committee pending requirements of the Policy Internships and Academic Fellowships Committee. External experts will be invited to join the steering committee.

7. Closing Remarks and Dates for Next Meetings

Members discussed and agreed in principle to the following dates for future meetings, reserving the right to check their agendas:
  • September 26-27, 2001 - Toronto
  • January 17-18, 2002 - Ottawa
  • May 2-3, 2002 - Ottawa

Liz Rootham, Government Co-chair informed members of her departure and that the CJT would be informed of a replacement as soon as possible.

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