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Capacity Joint Table Meeting

November 24, 2000



Sol Kasimer, YMCA Canada
Liz Rootham, Human Resources Development Canada


Chantale Blais, Centre d'action bénévole de Sept-Îles INC.
Paddy Bowen, Volunteer Canada
Jackie Claxton, Status of Women Canada
Adriana Davies, Heritage Community Foundation
Mary-Jane Lipkin, Health Canada
Maryanne Murphy, Industry Canada
James Page, Public Service Commission
Tom Ring, Canadian Heritage
Barry Schmidl, PEI council of the Disabled
Guy Tanguay, Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Bill Tholl, Heart and Stroke Foundation
Cathy Wright, Saint John Human Development Council

Ex-officio Members

Michael Hall, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
Susan Lewis, United Way of Winnipeg
John Walker, Voluntary Sector Project Office - TBS


Karen Traversy, Voluntary Sector Task Force


David Bowes-Thomas, Voluntary Sector Working Group on Financing and Funding
Brenda Green, Voluntary Sector Working Group on Financing and Funding
Debbie Pike, Voluntary Sector Working Group on Financing and Funding


Lucille Béland, HRDC
Hélène Buteau, HRDC
Marie Laroche, HRDC
Brenda E. Cameron-Couch, Secretariat - Voluntary Sector Initiatives


Roger Boe, Correctional Service Canada
Sange De Silva, Statistics Canada, NSGVP
Karen Wilson, Statistics Canada

Record of Decisions

During the meeting, members reviewed and accepted with minor changes, the Record of Decisions of the October 30-31, 2000, Meeting. They also finalized their Terms of Reference, shared information on the Federal Funding Study, Role of the Voluntary Sector Working Group on Financing and Funding and the National Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating and agreed to a sub-committee approach to further develop work-plans.

Members discussed the approach to the work-plan and the need to integrate activities and timelines, effectively interact with the voluntary sector and clearly identify deliverables for each sub-group, especially early deliverables and concrete results. Members of each sub-committee were identified as follows:

  • Financial Capacity - S. Lewis (lead), Jackie Claxton, Tom Ring, Karen Wilson, other VS representative to be determined

  • Policy Capacity (includes Policy Internship and Academic Fellowships) - Cathy Wright (lead), Mary Jane Lipkin, James Page, Bill Tholl

  • Human Resource Management - Maryanne Murphy (lead), Chantale Blais, Guy Tremblay, Adriana Davies

  • Structural Capacity - Mary-Jane Lipkin (lead), Barry Schmidl

  • Knowledge-management - Jackie Claxton (lead), Roger Boe, Sol Kasimer

  • Cross-cutting issues (includes literature review, baseline survey, overall consultation strategy)
Members also spoke of the importance of having a common understanding/vision across dimensions and getting quickly to substantial discussions/investments and results. Before the next meeting, each sub-group is to begin to undertake their work. They also wanted the roles and responsibilities of sub-committee members and secretariat staff to be clearly defined.

The next meeting of the CJT and six sub-groups is scheduled for Jan 31- Feb 1, 2001. Members need to confirm the dates of future meetings that have been tentatively set as follows: February 26-27; April 2-3, May 14-15 and June 18-19, 2001.

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