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Participating in Federal Public Policy: A Guide for the Voluntary Sector

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Government-based policy development resources
The following are examples of public policy documents, analyses, and guides to developing policy.

Hard copy resources

Austin, Robert. Policy options. Canada's interests and policy options. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development, 1998. Baker, Robert F. Public policy development: linking the technical and political processes. New York: Wiley, 1975. Johnson, Andrew and Stritch, Andrew, eds. Canadian Public Policy: Globalization and Political Parties. Toronto: Copp Clark, 1997.
Canada Department of Justice. Policy development in the Department of Justice: an evaluation. Ottawa: 1990. Lindquist, Evert A, and Desveaux, James. Recruitment and Policy Capacity in Government: An Independent Research Paper on Strengthening Government's Policy Community. Ottawa: Public Policy Forum.
Government of Canada. Report of the Task Force on Strengthening the Policy Capacity of the Federal Government. (Fellegi Report). Ottawa: Minister of Supply and Services, 1995. Milne, Glen. Making Policy: A Guide to the Federal Government's Policy Process. Ottawa: 2000
Hurley, James R. Amending Canada's Constitution: History, Processes, Problems and Prospects. Ottawa: Canadian Government Publishing Centre, 1996. The essential guide to policy development and analysis. Ottawa: Canada Research Institute, 1994.
Inclusive social policy development: ideas for practitioners. Ottawa: Canadian Council on Social Development Publications, 1997. The state of Canada's foreign policy research capacity summary report. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development, 1996.

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