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Participating in Federal Public Policy: A Guide for the Voluntary Sector

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Resources and links on policy research
This list includes some Canadian research and policy institutes and broad lobby groups. The criteria for inclusion in this list are that the organization conducts Canadian research, the research is directed to public policy and the focus of the research is not commercial in nature or industry specific. Note there are many issue-specific coalition and alliance based organizations as well.

Assembly of First Nations
Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy
C.D. Howe Institute
Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development (Institut canadien de recherche sur le développement régional):
Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Canada West Foundation
Canadian Policy Research Network
Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women:
The Canadian Centre for Public Sector Marketing
Canadian Society of Association Executives client/csae/CSAEHome.nsf
Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs
Canadian Urban Institute
Canadian Community Reinvestment Council
Centre for Families, Work, and Well-Being centre.shtml
Canadian Council for the Arts
Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
Canadian Council on Social Development
Centre for Cultural Renewal
Canadian Employment Research Forum purpose.html
Centre for Social Justice
Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action:
Centre for the Study of Living Standards
Canadian Health Coalition
Institute on Governance
Canadian Institute for Child Health
Institute of the Public Administration of Canada ~ipactor/menu.htm
Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development
International Development Research Centre
Child and Family Canada
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Childcare Research and Resource Unit
Lester B. Pearson Peacekeeping Centre
Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations
Mackenzie Institute
Conference Board of Canada
National Action Committee on the Status of Women index_e.htm
Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs
National Anti-Poverty Organization
Council of Canadians
National Association of Women and the Law
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
National Children's Alliance
Greenpeace Canada
National Council of Welfare index.htm
Health Charities Council of Canada
National Council of Women
Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society
National Foundation for Family Research and Education CAN/nffre.html
Institute for Public Economics IPE/About.htm
North-South Institute
Institute for Research on Public Policy
Pearson-Shoyama Institute
Institute for Work and Health
Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development
Institute of Governance Studies
Institute of Health Economics
Roeher Institute
Institute of Health Services and Policy Research e/institutes/ ihspr/ 13733.shtml
Sheldon M. Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Sierra Club Canada
Public Policy Forum
Sustainable Development Research Institute
Queen's International Institute on Social Policy sps/forum/ qiisp/qiisp.shtml
Vanier Institute of the Family
Groupe de recherche en économie de l'énergie, de l'environnement et des ressources naturelles (Research Group on Energy Economics, the Environment and Resources)

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