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Advocacy Working Group Vision

Advocacy is one of the most vital contributions made by the voluntary sector both to Canadian society and globally. The advocacy work of the sector contributes in two significant ways. It assists in building a vigorous civil society in which citizens are ensured of an opportunity to engage in the development of public and social policy. This involvement is fundamental to citizenship and its expression in a free and open society. Secondly, through its advocacy, the voluntary sector identifies and promotes ideas and activities that have a public benefit and contribute to a just and inclusive society. These include, but are not limited to, social justice, wellness, equality and sustainable development.
Work with the federal government to ensure that advocacy is fully recognized and supported, within the voluntary sector and outside of it, as the valuable, legal and necessary work of the sector. Recognizing that the topic of advocacy merits joint study within the Voluntary Sector Initiative process, work to create the legal, financial and regulatory framework necessary to support the advocacy work of the sector. Included in this will be work on the definition of charity.


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