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Taking the Accord Forward: The First Report to Canadians on Implementing An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector

C. Priorities for the Future

Over the past year, the federal government and the voluntary sector began the process of implementing the Accord and Codes of Good Practice. As this report describes, the two sectors have succeeded in building a strong foundation for the work that lies ahead. Looking to the future, the sectors will continue their joint commitment to implementation, working together to put in place essential tools and processes, and to promote a spirit of good will across the federal government and in Canadian voluntary sector organizations. More specifically, the two sectors will:

  • continue to build the relationship;
  • identify, use and promote good practices and lessons learned;
  • hold a regular meeting between the Ministerial Consultative Committee and voluntary sector representatives;
  • hold a meeting between voluntary sector representatives and departmental champions;
  • continue to advance collaborative work with respect to regulation and taxation of charities, capacity building and strategic investment; and
  • collaborate to advance other commitments including an agreement on next steps, the development of a voluntary sector lens and the examination of models for dispute resolution.

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