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The Journey Continues: The Second Report to Canadians on Implementing An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector

D. Looking Ahead

The Federal Government and the Voluntary Sector have developed a set of historic agreements that reinforce their commitment to work together in the service of Canadians – An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector, A Code of Good Practice on Funding and A Code of Good Practice on Policy Dialogue.


Asked to identify the priorities for the voluntary sector in implementing the Accord and Codes for the coming year, respondents to the voluntary sector survey focused on activities such as:

  • creating links between organizations and the federal government – for example, by providing feedback on the other’s progress
  • giving the Accord and Codes “teeth,” by enforcing their use/ application through report cards or other mechanisms

Asked where federal government efforts should be directed, survey respondents underscored the need to:

  • increase awareness of the Accord and Codes and departments’ effectiveness in implementing them
  • adapting processes – i.e., by making them less bureaucratic – especially to meet the needs of small organizations
  • putting in place a system to recognize and reward departments that have been using the Accord and Codes in their day-to-day activities


Asked what the federal government should focus on, survey respondents identified several key themes:

  • build capacity/relationships – for example by expanding networks with the nonprofit and charitable sector
  • enhance accountability – by simplifying the reporting questionnaire; reducing overlap; and developing government-wide performance indicators
  • communicate, educate and raise awareness – by developing a communications strategy, conducting policy development exercises; and developing knowledge

Asked what voluntary sector priorities should be, respondents mentioned such activities as:

  • share information on areas of common concern and successful implementation strategies – especially at the grassroots level
  • “twin” voluntary organizations to share good practices
  • provide information-sharing opportunities to discuss good practices with departments

Over the next year, the two sectors will continue their focus on collaboration and innovation in government/ voluntary sector relations for the benefit of communities. On behalf of the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector, the Joint Steering Committee has agreed to the following priorities for the next reporting period:

1. Integrate the Accord and two Codes within and across the sectors as “the way we do business” by:

  • improving the flexibility, responsiveness and consistency of funding arrangements between the federal government and the voluntary sector
  • deepening the dialogue between the federal government and the voluntary sector in order to create better public policies for the benefit of Canadians
  • measuring progress in meeting our commitments

2. Ensure government departments and voluntary sector organizations share good practices and lessons learned in implementing the Accord and Codes.

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