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The Journey Continues: The Second Report to Canadians on Implementing An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector

Background Paper: Voluntary Sector Implementation

A. The Foundations for Change

Overview of the Voluntary Sector Forum

As the leadership structure guiding the voluntary sector’s activities as part of the VSI, the Voluntary Sector Forum (the Forum) has a three-part mandate:

  • Oversee the VSI
    One of the Forum’s main priorities is to oversee the work of the VSI during its implementation phase. As part of its work in this area, the Forum is directing a number of projects designed to deliver concrete tools and results for the sector. A major focus is on implementing the Accord and Codes of Good Practice.

  • Advance the sector’s interests on national issues
    The Forum is taking a leadership role in promoting the sector’s interests on three issues of national importance, two of which relate directly to the Accord and Codes of Good Practice on Funding and Policy Dialogue. One of these areas is voluntary sector financing, including efforts to change the funding regime and the funding climate in which sector organizations operate. Another priority is to gain recognition of advocacy as a fundamental role for the sector by ensuring that charitable organizations can participate fully in developing national policies. The Forum is also committed to exploring the problems of voluntary sector organizations related to liability and risk management.

  • Build and engage the voluntary sector
    Part of the Forum’s mandate is to reach out and engage the voluntary sector’s diverse membership. With this in mind, the Forum participates in a number of activities, such as expanding its network of contacts, and developing and delivering information on its activities through a variety of media – including its Web site and an electronic newsletter.

Forum Members
The Forum’s 20 members reflect the diversity, knowledge and interests of Canada’s voluntary sector.

  • Monica Patten (chair), Community Foundations of Canada
  • Yvonne Atwell, Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health
  • Darlene Bessey, YWCA of Canada
  • Lani Cooke, Consultant
  • Marlene Deboisbriand, Volunteer Canada
  • Gordon Floyd, Children’s Mental Health Ontario
  • Bonnie Greene, United Church of Canada
  • Al Hatton, United Way of Canada
  • Damon Johnston, Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc.
  • Marcel Lauzière, Canadian Council on Social Development
  • Esperanza Moreno, Canadian Council for International Cooperation
  • Marjorie Northrup, Volunteer Bureau of Montreal
  • Liz O’Neill, Big Sisters and Big Brothers Society
  • Penelope Rowe, Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Georgina Steinsky Schwartz, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
  • Shauna Sylvester, IMPACS
  • Charlotte Thibault, Fondation canadienne des Femmes, Montréal
  • Michael Weil, YMCA Canada
  • Sylvan Williams, Consultant
  • Megan Davis Williams, Ottawa Art Gallery

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