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Sixth Meeting of the Joint Steering Committee (JSC)

October 14, 2004

Voluntary Sector Government
JSC Members

Monica Patten (Co-chair), Community Foundations of Canada
Yvonne Atwell, Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
Gordon Floyd, Children's Mental Health, Ontario
Shauna Sylvester, IMPACS
Charlotte Thibault (Canadian Women’s Foundation)

JSC Members

Susan Scotti (Co-Chair), Social Development Canada
Richard Barnabé, Statistics Canada
Stephen Rigby, Revenue Canada
Mike Sheridan, Statistics Canada
Marie-Josée Thivierge, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Marcel Lauzière, Canadian Council on Social Development

Mary Carman, Industry Canada
Eileen Sarkar, Canadian Heritage

Brenda Cameron Couch, Voluntary Sector Forum

Andrea Francis, Social Development Canada
Linda Searson, Social Development Canada


Jean Christie, Voluntary Sector Forum
Marie Gauthier, Social Development Canada
Laurie Rektor, Voluntary Sector Forum
Allen Zeesman, Social Development Canada

Record of Discussion

1. Chair Welcome & Opening Remarks

Co-chairs, Susan Scotti and Monica Patten acknowledged disappointment and discouragement in not having quorum. There was consensus to continue with the meeting for information sharing purposes and postpone decision-making agenda items to a dinner meeting on November 22, 2004, following the Champions meeting.

It was suggested that the Terms of Reference be revised to allow substitution by a specified Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) or Director General (DG) delegate. The replacement/alternate needs to reflect continuity and someone with an interest and commitment.

ACTION: The terms of reference will be revised and Susan Scotti will engage ADMs regarding their participation and/or delegation at meetings.

2. Presentation “Highlights of the Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering” by Catherine Van Rompaey (Statistics Canada)

Presentation of Satellite Account Highlights.

3. Presentation “Cornerstones of Community: The 2003 National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations” by Michael Hall

Michael Hall presented highlights and discussion ensued regarding international comparisons and trends. The idea to make the survey ongoing was raised for consideration. The French translation regarding the use of the term “advocacy” was raised.

Detailed discussion took place about disegregation of data and a regional analysis. A process for distribution to Deputy Ministers of the NSNVO highlights for policy analysis was discussed (e.g. letter and highlights).

ACTION: Richard Barnabé will work with Katherine Van Rompaey to ensure consistent and accurate use of terminology in both official languages.

ACTION: Social Development Canada officials will follow-up with Statistics Canada officials regarding DM letter.

4. Presentation “Liability Insurance in the Voluntary Sector” by Bonnie Green

Bonnie Greene talked members through a presentation which provided the context for the liability insurance issue including a summary of the Forum’s national study “Framing the Issues”. It was agreed that this is a very important and complex issue that will require involvement from industry, the sector, and governments. It was suggested that Canadian Heritage would be logical players given their mandate and stakeholders, e.g. PCH – arts, sports, etc.

ACTION: Susan Scotti will talk to Canadian Heritage to champion this issue, including at the JSC table.

5. Wrap-up

  • Discussion is needed concerning:
    • Revision to Terms of Reference to allow substitutes by another Assistant Deputy Minister or Director General delegate
    • Report to Canadians and joint priorities – to be approved via email
    • Champions meeting – bring together JSC members for a dinner meeting at 5:00 p.m.
    • Advocacy one-pager to be circulated and discussed at the next quarterly meeting in January 2005 (Shauna Sylvester).
ACTION: Next JSC to be a dinner meeting on November 22, 2004 at 5:00 p.m., following the Champions meeting.

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