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An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector

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ANNEX C - Joint Accord Table

The Joint Accord Table was formed in the fall of 2000 as part of the Voluntary Sector Initiative. The mandate of the Table was to develop the current framework document - the Accord - and associated monitoring and reporting measures that will improve the way the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector work together for the benefit of Canadians.

The Table is composed of an equal number of government officials and members of the voluntary sector and is jointly co-chaired. The work that it produces is a result of consensus between the sectors.

The Government of Canada officials and members of the voluntary sector who developed this Accord are:

Lynne Toupin (co-chair)
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Co-operative Association
Bill McCloskey (co-chair)
Assistant Commissioner
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
Colleen Ford
Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Recreation Association
Kristine Burr
Assistant Deputy Solicitor General
Solicitor General Canada
Al Hatton
Executive Director
The Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations
Matthew King2
Assistant Deputy Minister
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Wayne Helgason
Executive Director
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Martha Nixon
Assistant Deputy Minister
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Graham Stewart
Executive Director
John Howard Society of Canada
Jean-Guy Saint-Martin
Assistant Deputy Minister
Canada Economic Development
Elaine Teofilovici
Chief Executive Officer
YWCA of/du Canada
Susan Scotti
Assistant Deputy Minister
Human Resources Development Canada
Guillaume Bissonnette1
General Director
Finance Canada

The development and publication of this Accord document by the Joint Accord Table was made possible through the strong support received from a dedicated team composed of staff from the Voluntary Sector Task Force (Privy Council Office) and the Voluntary Sector Initiative Secretariat. They guided the research and development of the Accord and provided expertise, knowledge and advice to the Joint Accord Table members throughout the process.

The team members who provided this dedicated support were:

Susan Carter
Joanne Cousineau
Gary Evans
Susan Fletcher
Georges Grujic
Rebecca Hales
Kate Humpage
Micheline Lavoie
Peter Mathieson

Many other people were instrumental in providing policy, communication, and consultation support essential to the success of the project.

Observer to the Joint Accord Table: Susan Phillips, Associate Professor, Carleton University.

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