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Taking the Accord Forward: The First Report to Canadians on Implementing An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector

Background Paper: Voluntary Sector Implementation


The Accord and the Codes of Good Practice have the potential to profoundly change relations between the voluntary sector – made up of citizens organized for the public good – and Canada’s federal government. Used wisely and with the whole-hearted support of both sectors, these tools can significantly enhance the sectors’ ability to work together successfully for the benefit of Canadians. Moreover, they have the potential to establish the voluntary sector as the “third pillar” of Canadian society – an equal partner with the federal government and the private sector.

There’s no question that we’ve done some good groundwork over the past year, building awareness and tools, and putting in place key governance structures. That being said, the challenge we face over the next 18 months is to translate the values, principles and practices of the Accord and Codes into the day-to-day interactions between the Government of Canada and the many and diverse organizations that make up the voluntary sector. A lot is riding on what we do. Without adequate resources and the strongest possible commitment from both sectors, there is a very real risk that – in the end – this will be a great idea that never really amounted to much. Let’s not let that happen – let’s turn “potential” into reality.

The Voluntary Sector Forum

December 2003

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