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The Rubber and the Road: A Workbook for Implementing the Codes of Good Practice

5. The road ahead

Now that you’ve identified some areas to work on in your relationship with the other sector, it’s time to commit to action. Looking back over your notes, select three to five areas where you think there is some real room for improvement and set out an action plan for achieving it. For each area you choose to focus on, consider the following:

  • What’s the goal?

  • What specific actions are needed to get there?

  • Are there any barriers that need to be dealt with along the way?

  • What, if any, resources or tools would help?

  • Who should be involved/take the lead?

  • What kind of timeframe will this take?

  • How will you know when you get there?

Congratulations! You have taken some important steps on this shared journey to a better relationship between the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada.

For more information…
For more information or copies of the Accord and Codes of Good Practice please visit the Voluntary Sector Initiative web site:

This Workbook was prepared jointly by the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector as a tool to help federal departments and voluntary sector organizations bring the Accord and Codes to life in their organizations. If you have questions or comments, contact:

  • The Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Affairs Division , Social Development Canada, (819) 956-6715, or

  • The Voluntary Sector Forum, (613) 238-7555, or toll free 1-800-821-8814.
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